Michael Jackson lives in the Dominican Republic?!  Polish stars revealed GO!

Author: AKPA / YouTube video screenshot: Amazing double Christmas in the Dominican Republic / Luca
Michael Jackson lives in the Dominican Republic?! Polish stars revealed GO!

Michael Jackson is alive and well – you can come to this conclusion by watching the movie Polish Internet Stars. Andziaks decided to surprise her husband by buying him a ticket for a joint trip to the Dominican Republic. During a game in the restaurant, the King of Folk Music figure appears in the background to the beat of local music. And this did not go unnoticed by Internet users. See for yourself!

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  1. Michael Jackson in the Dominican Republic – Video

Michael Jackson is alive And it works well, conspiracy theorists argue. They claim that the king of popular music decided to escape popularity and avoid red carpets and camera flashes. Their theory gains strength when you hear that the artist himself has repeatedly mentioned such a plan to hide from the menorah. It’s heartbreaking to know that Michael Jackson’s grave is emptyWhile the musician was supposed to appear, disguised as a woman, at his funeral. It’s hard to believe, because the artist’s death certificate was officially issued. Furthermore, the person allegedly involved in his death has been held accountable. Michael Jackson is dead, but he is very present in the minds of fans who go to music shows trying to sing in his voice. Still others try to literally impersonate him, going through complex operations. You can come to the conclusion that the king of popular music is doing well and hiding in the Dominican Republic by watching the movie Luki i Andziaks. This guy really looks like MJ!

Michael Jackson alive? Theories about the artist’s death freeze the blood in the veins!

Michael Jackson live in Poland? Cosmic performance by Vicki Gabor!

Michael Jackson in the Dominican Republic – Video

Michael Jackson is hiding in a hard-to-reach place on Earth, this is one of the strongest opinions of conspiracy theorists. In that case, why would he appear in public at a restaurant in the Dominican Republic, which is a popular hangout spot, especially in the winter? Netizens are joking because the famous artist appeared in Łukasz Trochonowicz’s video. Luca was supposed to capture the moment MJ was about to sneak out while playing in a restaurant.

There are also opinions that the number of “clones”, or people dressed as Jackson, is so huge that the artist can disguise it and avoid the possibility of someone recognizing him. Polish netizens are surprised, and for many people it is even horrifying that the king of popular music spends time as if nothing had happened.


Do you think Michael Jackson is alive?

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