Michael Cote struggles with bone marrow disease

Shock waves in the Quebec cultural environment: Famous comedian Michael Cote has suspended his life to seek treatment for bone marrow disease, which was recently discovered.

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Michael Cote

Photo Archives, QMI Agency

Michael Cote

The 71-year-old actor announced this sad and confusing news in a press release issued this afternoon.

No details have been released on the severity of the illness, but the comedian has decided to retire from public life “indefinitely”.

Michael Cote is surrounded by his family to lead this fight.

His longtime wife, actress Véronique Le Flaguais and their sons, actor Maxime Le Flaguais and an architect Charles Côté are in his bed.

The media was asked to “respect his privacy so that he can fully dedicate himself to this treatment and regain his health.”

After the comedy was released, Michael Cote was already very sensible in public, since he announced that he was cutting back on his professional activities. From father to police 2 – His last film role – in 2017.

One of his latest public appearances was when he appeared on the show last January Children of television With Véronique and Maxime Le Flaguais. A few weeks ago, he gave several media interviews to pay tribute to Jean-Marc Wally following the sudden death of the filmmaker on December 25th. Recall that in 2005 Wally gave him the role of father, one of the most memorable roles in cinema. Crazy

People liked it

Public favorite Michel Côté has won numerous Gémeaux, Génie and Jutra awards. In addition to the mythical piece TinctureHe starred more than 3,000 times on stage from 1979 to 2017, and Alma’s comedian also shone on the small screen in the series. Small life, Omerta And at Bye bye (1979-1986).

Jean-Marc Wally, along with Mark-Andre Grontin and Daniel Broolk, won 14 statues here during the 2006 Judas show.

Archive photo

Jean-Marc Wally, along with Mark-Andre Grontin and Daniel Broolk, won 14 statues here during the 2006 Judas show.

In cinema, he is often described as a box office champion in Quebec because he has starred in many successful films. Crazy, Pitch, between heaven and earth, Travel Bar, Sense of humor And From father to police 1 and 2.

Joined today, comedian Marcel Gaudier, one of his playing partners TinctureHe did not want to comment, simply saying “you have to have faith”.

On social networks, many public figures joined in with their voices to send messages of encouragement to the actor.

“Michael Cote may be the best actor in the history of Quebec. Meet him Crazy A special moment in my acting career. I am saddened to learn that he withdrew from public life for health reasons. I wish him courage, strength and resilience, ”wrote actor Denis Trudeau, Black Quebecois MP.

A quiet retreat

As a couple for almost 50 years, the actor and Véronique Le Flaguais walked the many red carpets.

Photo Archives, Martin Aller

As a couple for almost 50 years, the actor and Véronique Le Flaguais walked the many red carpets.

In an interview with QMI Agency in December 2018, Michael Cote appeared to be very happy with his retired new life.

“My leisure time is watching my grandchildren and playing sports. Speedwell [Le Flaguais] And I travel. We went to Scandinavia in September. We enjoy life. I wonder how to do the work I am so busy with! “, Trusted Michel Côté.

“I’m 68, I have grandchildren, I love my life now, I do not want to work for a living. I have saved, I do not need more than I have. […] This is going to take an exceptional script and role for me to retire! “Last February, Michel Côté and Véronique Le Flaguais sold their Outremont home for $ 3,195,000.

At the onset of the epidemic, the couple moved to their country house, Estri, full time. In the interview Registration In May 2020, Michael Cote said he used the prison term to retrieve the door of his barn, take long walks in the open air, study and learn to bake his own bread.

“I did not stop for a minute, introduced the actor with a smile. I have not yet had the opportunity to use this opportunity to work and do many other things.”

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