March 28, 2023


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Michael Bruley died in the turmoil

Gurabari, Brazil | The bipolar crisis, the passion for Germany, the problem of Brazilian justice … The last moments of publisher Michael Br ப்l, who was sexually abused, were marked by turmoil.

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“My brother died at my hands. […] He told me that I was the person he loved the most. Martin Bruley, the brother of the fallen publisher, emotionally recounts his encounter with TVA Novellas at his home in Guarabari, Brazil.

One week ago, a local Brazilian newspaper reported that Michael Bruel had died near his home following a violent bicycle accident. The latter is said to have struck a traffic sign before hitting his head on a tree, then ending his fall at the base of a ditch.

He died on May 31 after colliding with a tree and falling into a ditch and cycling at a traffic sign.

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He died on May 31 after colliding with a tree and falling into a ditch and cycling at a traffic sign.

His brother, alerted by neighbors, arrived at the scene before help arrived and nothing could be done to save him. “It’s a tragedy, this whole story,” he laments.

Bipolar crises

Martin Bruley, who has been entertaining his brother since December, paints a portrait of a visually impaired man. The 56-year-old was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2019, and his mental health had only one thread.

Michael Bruele, fascinated by the crisis and by Germany, set out at night to explore isolated villages in the area, formerly colonized by the Germans.

« [Un jour] He walked 35 km in the forest, from one village to another, in the dark. I have all the records because when he was with him High, He talked to me all night, ”says his brother.

Last March, another night trip ended badly in Domingos Martின்nez, a small town about 65km north of Guarabari, where he lived. One argument resulted in a facial injury and four counts.


Michael Bruil’s name came back into the news on May 26 after he failed to appear in court for pursuing legal action in Quebec for sexual harassment.

“He wants to cheat,” then lawyer M Valerie underlined Lahai.

An international arrest warrant is specified. Note that he was convicted in October 2020 of sexually assaulting a writer in March 2014.

His tragic accident came five days after many questions were raised in Quebec, while no Canadian authority could confirm his death.

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