June 7, 2023


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Mi Mix 4 is completely disassembled in the video

Mi Mix 4 is completely disassembled in the video

This month, Xiaomi presented two flagship shows for the first time. One of them was the Mi Pad 5 series, which marks the company’s return to the tablet market after several years of absence. The new Mi Mix 4 smartphone was also presented and taken under the microscope by the Chinese blogger with the nickname Robin.

In his video, Robin breaks down the latest video Mi Mix 4 And dismantled all parts of the device one by one. After removing the screen, it turns out that the smartphone is divided into three sections, which is a very popular solution in smartphones today. The upper layer is an integrated circuit in the form of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, memory, a 5G module and above we find the rear cameras. In the middle section is a two-cell battery, a wireless charging coil, and an NFC module. At the bottom is a speaker, a USB-C port, and a vibration motor.

It is safe to say that Mi Mix 4 does not stand out in terms of component arrangement among other modern smartphones. However, the novelty is the use of under-screen display technology. The front camera hole can only be seen after a very strong screen backlight. Moreover, you can note up to two slots. The circular chapter is where the camera sits. On the other hand, the first square is used to receive light from the environment.

Mi Mix 4 enlarges the display area given to the user. The screen is not minimized by any degree in the front camera.

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