June 5, 2023


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Metallica was galvanized by Stranger Things

Metallica was galvanized by Stranger Things

After Kate Bush’s meteoric rise up the charts, it was Metallica’s turn to experience the aftermath Stranger things.

Published yesterday at 5:14 pm.

Charles-Eric Blaise-Boulin

Charles-Eric Blaise-Boulin

The Season 4 finale, which aired last Friday on Netflix, featured Eddie Munson’s character performing a trash metal song. Master of puppetry Horrible killer bats, to distract the demopods.

The heroic display boosted the Californian’s tally to 28e ranking Top 50 From Spotify Canada. It always is Running to That Mountain (A Pact with God)The Kate Bush classic was discovered in a recent season Stranger things, which tops this daily chart. Both pieces date from the mid-1980s.

Yet across the country, Master of puppetry Appeared in Top 100 Apple of Canada, at age 67e ranking. In the United States, the segment over eight minutes does even better: it now slips to 29e ranking Top 100 In Apple and 12e ranking Top 50 From Spotify.

Robert Trujillo, who joined Metallica in 2003, explained in an Instagram post that his 17-year-old son Ty and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett participated in the adaptation. Master of puppetry For an amazing series that cleverly blends sci-fi and nostalgia.

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