Mercury in the first image from the BepiColombo probe

BepiColombo is a survey that is the result of a collaboration between the European Space Agency and JAXA. The ship will explore Mercury where it was before He flew, among other things above Venus. The European Space Agency has released the first image taken by the ship during its flight over the nearest planet to the sun.

Mercury shown in the image below was photographed during BepiColombo’s first flight over the planet, which took place October 1. The spacecraft will perform five more such maneuvers, and in 2025 it will be in Mercury orbit.

The image shown above was taken using a Mercury Transfer Unit 2 surveillance camera. Information from the European Space Agency shows that BepiColombo was at the time At a distance of 2418 km from the planet. 10 minutes ago, the spacecraft approached the record-breaker near Mercury, in only 200 km.

The Mercury region shown in the image is the part of the Northern Hemisphere where Sihtu Planitia is located. The photo also shows, among other things, Lermontov Crater, 166 km wide, or two more – Rudaki and Calvino.

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