Melissa Paredes returns as host to LIVE 'Mujeres al Mando', despite being rejected in a poll by Latina Entertainment |  Performances

Went back. He returned to the screens of Latin television to host the show ‘Mujares Al Manto’. Although she was fired last Friday for saying she would not return, this is not the case and the model has already signed a contract.

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In addition, Channel 2 did not take into account the survey published about Melissa Paradise. .

Olga danced to a song by Donon and wore a red jumpsuit, recharged the model and presented the morning magazine with a smile on her face, along with her partners Thais Casalino and Giovanna Valcarcel.

Melissa indirectly started ‘America Today’

True to her style, Melissa Paradis indirectly “shot” her former show “America Hoy” and the famous “Rulidos”.

“I love you, Thais, you fascinated me, you remind me of someone. But you (Giovanna Valcarcel) reminded me of another person who had nothing to do with it. ”, Said model Melissa Parades as she entered the set.

The actress’ references to “America Hoy” would have been to refer to her former driving partners, Ethel Boso and Janet Barboza.

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“People like our competition … they told me you missed me so much, but you’re a little hypocritical, they told me,” Melissa Giovanna Valcorsal was quoted as saying, but she responded quickly. “Look, you’re confusing yourself with another group.”

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