Meghan Markle “caught” in such a place!  It was hard to recognize!

Meghan Markle A few years ago she was an aspiring actress in Hollywood. She became famous for her role in the popular series “W Garniturach” and was admired by viewers. Everything began to change when it turned out that he was sleeping with Prince Harry.

At first, everyone was sympathetic to her, including members of the royal family who hoped she would bring some freshness to the royal court. They liked it too The rebellious Harry finally wanted to settle down.

It all started to get complicated when the couple announced it He cuts off contacts with members of the royal family, resigns from royal duties, and moves to the United States. The lovers argued that they wanted more privacy and a child-rearing away from the media hype.

They partially succeeded. under Today’s little Lillipet photos weren’t leaked, and it’s not known what Archie looks like now. However, Oprah’s loud interview means that even in the US they can’t count on any privacy.

Meghan Markle recently went shopping! This time, she did not send her assistants, and decided to make them herself! It is undeniable that the sight of her in the shops near the property in Montecito shocked the people there. Harry’s wife However, she did everything so as not to draw attention to herself.

I hid behind dark glasses, a protective mask, a hat and a huge overcoat. Markle was also accompanied by a bodyguard, but he also wasn’t in the clear.

“You can see that she wanted to feel normal” – the Daily Mail informant argued.

According to eyewitnesses, Harry’s wife searched the children’s clothing store, and then went to the furniture store. She did not make eye contact with anyone and often looked at her phone.

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