Meet young physicists and chemists

Laskowa. Last Wednesday (March 1) a meeting of young physicists and chemists was held at the Schools and Kindergartens complex in Lascaux under the slogan “The Marvel of Physics and Chemistry”. The meeting was attended by students from Ujanowice, Krosna, Kamionka Mała, Jaworzna, Sechna, Micat and Laskowa, as well as teachers of physics and chemistry.

The meeting began with a speech by the head of the school, Monica Mitch. The successively presented experiments and experiments were mainly related to chemical processes and physical phenomena that are encountered on a daily basis.

Their scope differed slightly from the curriculum, but was intended to interest students in some fascinating phenomena.

The presentations were accompanied by a warm atmosphere of the students’ reception of the presented experiments, which included elements of fun, stimulating students to think, draw conclusions and ask questions. During the presentation, students who performed the experiment were rewarded with applause.

The entire show was conducted by Aneta Niezabitowska-Bielecka – Chemistry teacher, and Regina Białk – Physics teacher. The audience consisted of invited guests, including Municipal Secretary Jan Urzic, Head of GZOSiP Bożena Chełmecka, Director of the School and Kindergarten Complex of Laskowa Monika Miś and Physics and Chemistry teachers from the schools participating in the meeting.

At the end of the event, students who demonstrated interesting experiments received prizes and diplomas, and teachers of physics and chemistry received thanks for the effort spent in preparing students for participation in the 14th meeting of young physicists and chemists. The prizes are sponsored by Laskowa Municipality and Limanowa Cooperative Bank.

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