Media: Chelsea's key players want to leave football

Penalties for Roman Abramovich It directly affected the players themselves. As a result, payments to football playersTravel costs are for individual meetings, but the club has also been barred from making transfers and negotiating new contracts.

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Chelsea’s problems because of the penalties

It is undeniable that such a dangerous set of penalties can sooner or later lead to the discontent of football players and even open rebellion. Several weeks ago, the British media presented several scenarios that might come true in the London Club. Neither of them assumed a positive development of the case.

According to the latest information, football players Chelsea They are tired of the uncertainty about what will happen to the club in the future. As a result, a lot of players will leave, and they are also in this group Thomas Tuchel. The German has recently been linked with a move to Manchester United, but Erik ten Hag will eventually lead the club from Old Trafford.

Key figures in Chelsea to leave the club?

For now it’s almost certain to leave Antonio RudigiraWho is expected to join after the season? real madrid. Moreover, a return to the Italian Serie A is considering JorginhoAnd Andreas Christensen is said to be close to reaching an agreement with FC Barcelona. Among the players who are leaving Chelsea As mentioned by Cesar Azpilicueta I N’Golo Kanti.

Jorginho accidentally confirmed his friend's move. Jorginho accidentally confirmed his friend’s move. “we will miss”

The Times described the atmosphere in today’s Chelsea locker room. As a result of the penalties imposed, it is not the best, to put it mildly, and the players themselves are said to be slowly starting to lack the motivation to play. However, the London team is very close to finishing the season Premier League In third place. After 32 games, he has 65 points and is five points ahead of Arsenal, plus one game played less.

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