Media: Alexandre Boksa changes club.  It may not bounce like the previous polar soccer

Alexandre Buxa He’s only 19 years old, but fans They have known him for a long time. No wonder, because he was the younger brother of Adam, the Polish actor, who became the youngest scorer in the history of Wisla Krakow. In August 2019, Alexandre Boksa scored a league goal when he was just 16 years and 220 days old.. At the same time, he became the youngest scorer of the 21st century in the Polish league.

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And a loud voice about him. “The Guardian” made him one of the greatest talents born in 2003, Even Barcelona would follow his fate. Instead of the Catalan club, I volunteered GenoaWith whom he signed a five-year contract a year ago. Wisła did not earn a single zloty on it, because the football player’s contract expired. Incidentally, it should be noted that there is an inconsistency between the vicinity of Boca and “Piazza Guayesda”.

Boksa set out to beat Serie A, despite only scoring four goals in the league. Transformation To Genua was surprising. But although two important strikers Gianluca Scamaca and Eldor Shumorodov left the Italian club in the summer of 2021, the Pole’s path to the first team was by no means short.

In the previous season, Genoa had time to play in attack: Goran Bandeau, Caleb Ekoban, Flavio Bianchi, Andrea Faveli, Yayah Kallon, Felipe Caicedo, and Boksa only. The Wisa student appeared on the field four times, but remained on the field for only 59 minutes. He did not have much chance to play regularly next season, so the striker decided to borrow.

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“If nothing unexpected happens, his new team will be Royale Union Saint-Gilloise. The clubs will be right at home to coexist and soon Alexandre Buxa They will move to a new place”- they report

Royale Union Saint-Gilloise is the English satellite club in Brighton. Last season, he won the runner-up title for his country, losing only to Club Brugge. But although the Belgian league is weaker than the Italian league, this does not mean that Boksa will deal the cards in it. 18-year-old Kacper Kozłowski knows something about him.

Six months ago, Brighton bought him for 11 million euros and sent him on loan to Royal Union Saint-Gilloise, where he was supposed to play at a higher level in the league. The problem was that he couldn’t reach the team. In six months, he spent only 215 minutes on the field.

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