Mazepin talks about splitting from F1.  "I received an email with the word"

March 5, 2022 – that day Nikita Mazepin He is no longer a Haas driver and the team has stopped being a Haas driver from the United States Terminated the contract with Uralkali, run by the Russian oligarch Dmitry Mazepin. It was the result of the war in Ukraine that I started Russia. “My will to accept the terms of the continuation of the contract has been completely ignored,” the Russian driver wrote in a statement posted on social media. The 23-year-old driver is still unable to digest the fact that he is no longer in F1.

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Will Nikita Mazbin return to Formula 1? ‘It’s just speculation’

Nikita Mazepin I spoke to the BBC after the season started Formula 1. The 23-year-old Russian is still unable to digest the fact that he is no longer a driver Hass. “I had a four-year contract, and all of a sudden I received an email of five or six words. A letter was also attached to the team informing me of the termination of the contract. I could not imagine my world changing so much. This is not the time to speculate whether or not I will come back or not. Formula 1. He said all I’m saying is just speculation.

former presidents FIA They were thinking of the idea that Special statement signed by Mazepin. In it, a driver from Russia will announce that he will not support the Russian invasion. In the end, there was no need for such a solution. – My manager spoke to the head of Haas and said so FIA I won’t stop the Russians from taking off, so I’ll be able to race. As long as I agree to drive under a neutral flag – add the previous driver formula 2.

The Russians are fleeing a specific declaration of war in Ukraine. ‘Big risk’

A BBC journalist asked Nikita Mazepin about war in ukraine. The 23-year-old didn’t want to talk much about this Title. – I live in the same world as you. It hurts to watch it on so many levels. I would take too much risk in saying anything about this, said Mazbin, because I would never make everyone happy, and therefore I would prefer to remain silent.

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