Matura 2024. We know the exam results. CKE has provided detailed data

I passed the high school exam this year. 84.1% of high school graduates – the Central Education Committee announced today, Tuesday. 10.4% have the right to amend. Candidates. 5.5 percent failed the test.

95% of students passed the mandatory written part in Polish. High school graduates in mathematics – 89% of high school graduates. In the case of English, the pass rate was 96%.

Matura 2024. Results. CKE provided detailed data

What are the results achieved by high school graduates? 61 percent points in Polish (65% for secondary schools, 56% for technical schools), 63 percent in mathematics (68% for secondary schools, 56% for technical schools) 78 operations Of the most chosen modern foreign language – English (83% for secondary schools, 72% for technical schools) – received on average by students who sat the secondary school leaving exam in May 2024.

From 8:30 graduates can also check their individual results in the ZIU system. How to do it? In the text on this topic, we explain the entire procedure in detail. Check here.


Matura Exam Results 2024. How many exams were invalidated?

202 exams were invalidated. Reason? During the exam, it was either solving the tasks independently (53 cases) or bringing and/or using the phone (also 53 cases). There were no disruptions to the exam process this year.

Invalidation cases also apply to situations found after the examination paper has been submitted. This year these cases include: violation of performance rules (27 cases), subordination confirmed by the examiner (35 cases), and other non-described cases (34 cases).

In total, there are more revocations this year than in 2023, when there were 118 revocations.

Matura Exam Results 2024. How to improve your score?

Matura exam 2024 has been conducted From May 7 to May 24. Those who were unable to take the exams on the main date for health or unforeseen reasons took the exams in an additional session from June 3 to 17.

To pass the exam, you must pass every primary school leaving exam. at least 30 percent

For graduates who did not achieve the expected results, it is possible to take re-exams, which will be held on August 20-21, 2024. Only high school graduates can participate in them. Who failed the exam in one compulsory subject (Polish, Modern Foreign Language, Mathematics) In the written or oral part.

Full results of the High School Leaving Examination will be made available, including three examination sessions (May, June and August). September 10, 2024.

Błaszczak in “Guest Events” about Minister of the Presidency Marcin Mastalerek: 40 years and no achievements. Ego inflation/Polsat News/Polsat News

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