Matura 2024: English.  CKE worksheet at advanced level

189.4 thousand people declared their willingness to take the English language exam at the advanced level. This year’s graduates, at the bilingual level – 6000. This subject is the first chosen by graduates who take exams under the new formula. 69.8% want to take it. who are they.

The English language exam for the advanced level began today at 9 o’clock and lasted 150 minutes.

Matura 2024 in English. CKE sheet

Below we present the final exam paper for the English language exam for the advanced level. Published by the Central Examinations Commission on 14.

Matura 2024. When are the results?

Every high school graduate must pass three mandatory written exams: in Polish, mathematics and modern foreign language. There are also two compulsory oral exams: in Polish and in a foreign language.

In addition to graduate students They must take one written examination at an advanced level in a specific additional subject. They can choose to take a maximum of six Advanced Placement tests.

The written exams will take place from May 7 to 24, and the oral exams from May 11 to 25. The results of the final exams will be announced on July 9.

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