Matura 2022. Mathematics - Advanced.  CKE paper and answers

Matura 2022 in Mathematics, Advanced Level 180 min. I started May 11 at 9:00 am The students try to solve it 15 missions. There is no limit to passing the Extended Level Exam. 30 percent threshold It only concerns the compulsory exams at the basic level.

Among the tasks on the High School Diploma in Mathematics at the advanced level There are closed-answer, short-answer, open-ended, and extended-answer tasks.

In 2022 – as in previous years – Einglish It is the most common subject that high school graduates choose for success at the advanced level. In this year’s final exam session, about 198,000 people decided to take this exam. Persons.

In second and third places among the most popular were – mathematicianA (77 thousand people) and geography (65 thousand people).

Mathematics at an advanced level This is another test from him CKE paper and informal responses You will find it in Interia. Today at 14.00 graduation paper It will be published by the Central Testing Board, and you will be able to find it shortly in our special report Matura 2022.

After a few minutes they will appear in Interia The first answers suggested by our experts. The solution article will be updated regularly. So you will be able to follow the work of our specialists.

From the beginning Matura Exam 2022 We have already posted CKE papers and answers from several topics. Basic level in: Polish, Mathematics, English and German. And at the advanced level – from English and Polish.

today math exam The next level will be on the Extended Level, where you can find final exams and unofficial solutions at Interia.

A student who has left high school is required to take at least one written test in the subject of his choice. Students can choose up to six tests. The subjects to choose from are: biology, chemistry, philosophy, physics, geography, history, art history, music history, computer science, Latin and ancient culture, knowledge of society, languages ​​of national and ethnic minorities, regional language, and MathsPolish and modern foreign languages.

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