Matthew Dufour hired a netizen in her place by giving her change

Mathieu Dufour gave his coin to a netizen who sent him a comment he could have kept to himself.

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Like many public figures, Mathieu Dufour is unfortunately no stranger to negative comments on social networks. On Wednesday October 18, the comedian returned to his Instagram page, followed by 225,000 people, to show off an inappropriate comment he received…as well as his response!

Under a post on Facebook, a lady made Mathi aware of two things. At first, she found his speech rate too fast. And then, the second one, she said, was a recent discovery Mask singers He has long hair so he can have a girl’s name instead. He ends his message by pointing out that it’s “no hard feelings” and that he appreciates his work.

Comedian, whose show can be seen NetflixHe didn’t hesitate to retaliate against the girl, using the same argument as her, and returned her.

Let us find out his answer here:

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Mathieu Dufour’s post caused a lot of reaction, while many of his subscribers took their hats off to him for his famous repartee.

A good way to shut up!

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