June 10, 2023


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Mateusz Boric on Fernando Santos’ decision: Laughter in the room. There was no such parody

Fernando Santos, due to the latest high-profile interview given by Lukasz Skorobski, ordered a media silence in the team before the match with the Czech Republic. Mateusz Boric did not like this decision. “After all, he doesn’t care if the journalist is offended,” Tomasz Świecka replied.

On Friday, Fernando Santos will make his debut as a substitute for the Polish team. The Portuguese coach will immediately lead our team in matches for points, so the expectations will be much higher. The White Reds will head to Prague to compete there as part of the European Championship qualifiers, which will be held in 2024 in Germany, with the Czech national team. The confrontation is expected to be exciting.

Unfortunately, a few days before the long-awaited meeting, the atmosphere around our employees was not the best. Thanks to Łukasz Skorupski’s interview with Przegląd Sportowy, the topic of famous government bonuses is back with double force. The goalkeeper of the Bologna football club, contrary to what Czeslaw Michniewic said earlier, said that the players really quarreled over money, which spoiled the wonderful mood so far.

Mateusz Boric referred to the statement in harsh words, and accused Michniewicz, who had previously supported him, of lying.

And Fernando Santos, because of all this confusion, ordered media silence before the Czech game. All players were banned from contacting the media to clear the air.

Mateusz Boric again expressed his dissatisfaction. The co-founder of the sports channel criticized Al-Mukhtar’s decision.

“Laughter in the room. There hasn’t been such a parody for a long time,” the journalist wrote on Twitter.

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Not everyone thinks the same. Tomasz Ćwiąkała claims that the Portuguese did the right thing, and did not mean to focus on the scandal, which did not concern him in any way.

“I understand Santos’ point there. He heard about a strange affair that he wasn’t involved in. Suddenly he gets information that his septic tank broke after meeting Skorupski. After all, he doesn’t care if the journalist feels offended.”