Mate Cash goal and assist against Leeds.  The fans were happy.  Football "Polish Kafue"

the authorities Premier League They took advantage of the time available and held two belated meetings scheduled for Thursday. In one of the most interesting Leeds United The Aston Villa team took over at Elland Road. This meeting was special for polishing The fans, because in the stadium we could see two Polish actors – Mateusz Klich and Mate Kasch.

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The Poles terminated contracts with the Russian organization. “We made the decision in a minute.”

Exchange Champion Aston Villa. Aim and help

Leeds United It came after four consecutive defeats, so the visiting team, who had won their last three matches, were the favorites. From the very beginning, only Mate Kach appeared on the field, because Matthews Clic started on the bench.

Chelsea defender will miss Barcelona. All because of the sanctions imposed on Abramovich

As it turned out later, the Polish defender of Aston Villa was the hero of the match. The visiting team put a lot of pressure on very bad hosts right from the start. For a long time, she could not break through the Leeds defense. It only worked in the 22nd minute, when I did Philip Coutinho Use a great move from mate cash.

However, this was not the end of Cash’s performance in this match. In the second half of the match, the pole received the ball in the penalty area, and the defender deceived his opponents with a clever trick and gave a very powerful blow at close range. Ilan Meslier had no chance to save that shot, so the players Steven Gerrard They can enjoy a 2-0 lead. Fans from Birmingham were delighted with the scorer’s style and sang loudly “Polish kafu”.

Arcadius MelikTwo goals for Arcadios Milica. The perfect goalkeeper mocked “Panenka”

A few minutes later, Leeds United knocked out Calum Chambers and made it calendar Meetings at 3: 0. Thanks for this victory Aston Villa He climbed to ninth in the table, ahead of Southampton. By contrast, Leeds United remain in 16th place, just two points above the relegation zone. But Marsh’s players have played two more games than Burnley, who were in 18th place.

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