Mary-Line Jonkas' colorful condo sells for $ 460,000 on Vieux-Rosemont

The tropical ribbon, accent wall, colorful accessories and stunning terrace make this unique condo.

Like the flamboyant comedian, Mary-Line Jonkas’ condo has now hit the market, and it’s far from being ignored by the public.

Carolyn Thibault for Julian Tremble | Royal Lepage

In a building built in 1961, the condo has two bedrooms and a bathroom. Each of the nine pieces in it is more original than the next.

The coloring has been carefully worked out. A large red accent wall quickly sets the tone for the main space of the condo, which includes the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Carolyn Thibault for Julian Tremble | Royal Lepage

Incredible painting featuring many plants and artist Frida Kahlo creates paradoxes that add a lot of personality to the space.

Colorful and textured area rugs also cover the hard floor, all about that space being glued together. This is called thinking eclecticism!

Carolyn Thibault for Julian Tremble | Royal Lepage

In the kitchen, light pink includes some cabinets. Even with tropical wallpaper, white dominates the kitchen, adding elegance and light to the room.

The master bedroom immediately takes us to a tropical forest.

Carolyn Thibault for Julian Tremble | Royal Lepage

The second bedroom currently serves as a small living room and storage space. Future owners can create a bedroom without any problems.

As for the bathroom, it offers a refined decor. There is a shower-bath and a large vanity.

Watch the video above to see what the rooms in Mary-Line Jonkas’ condo look like!

The highlight of the show is the large private terrace accessible from the dining room. With a dining area and lounge area, this intimate terrace is the perfect extension to the condo. You can already imagine the evening with friends on the terrace.

Carolyn Thibault for Julian Tremble | Royal Lepage

Close to many services in Old Rosemond, Condo enjoys a dream location. Future owners will find the neighborhood and adopt restaurants, shops and cafes around it.

The best-tasting Mary-Line Jonkas condo was sold by Julian Tremble of Royal Lapage Tendons for $ 460,000.

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