June 5, 2023


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Martin explains why he wore a shirt and jacket to play Survivor Quebec

The first episode aired on Nuvo on Sunday Surviving Quebec.

Because the Quebec public was unfamiliar with the match, viewers questioned themselves on several points, starting with the appearance of the first ousted Martin.

Here we answer many technical questions from the public.

While most contestants wore sportswear, the 52-year-old armored truck designer exuded adventure in a jacket and shirt.

She explains her choice of clothing as follows: The jacket, I used it like a coat. Although it is very hot there, the water is cool and the morning is not too hot. »

He adds: ” I wore a jacket when I went to the interview. My wife said to me: “It’s cold, do you want your jacket?” This is my wedding jacket and I don’t wear it in my regular life. I always wear jeans and a t-shirt when I work. »

Martin notes that her choice of clothing was also strategic. ” I used it as a pillow and a sun visor because sometimes we wait and it’s hot. So, it was a way for me to bring a coat to a show where you’re not allowed to wear a coat. I can take it off as I please. »

As for the shirt, he says: ” It is a linen shirt. My international travel experience made me choose this. Linen, it breathes, it dries quickly, cotton, it stays wet. They asked me to wear something blue, and I had this blue shirt. »

It was accurately ascertained that Galupan had little mauve (the color of their tribe) compared to the yellow worn by members of Tiaga. It’s pretty normal because we asked them to wear blue, all explained!

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Martin was able to watch Sunday’s show with fifty of his friends, who clearly recognized him on the screen, and he also said they were satisfied with the film about him. ” I am the one who makes things happen and I am often the instigator He says.

When you’ve wanted to do something for 23 years, sometimes you can get a little excited. But you can’t come there and say, “I’m going in peace.” I wanted to play Survivor, but it was Survivor that beat me to it. You get there and you’re stripped of everything. Your Maslow pyramid is at 0, and you’re going into “safe mode.” Who do you go with? No one can come in and play as a person, you come out. »

Martin will take care of the rest Surviving Quebec Curiously though he is no longer on the show.

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