Mars is immortalized.  NASA shared an amazing photo

– Good morning from Mars, dusty, cold and very sunny as usual – The Perseverance rover team tweeted while sharing an amazing photo taken on the Red Planet.

The last picture shows a beautiful and beautiful landscape. We can enjoy small windswept dunes, which alternate from time to time with not very large boulders. In the background are mountain formations that complement the entire work.

If we don’t know that the image was from another planet, we can safely assume that it represents a terrestrial desert region. The only feature that distinguishes it is the distinctive antelope sky.

Perseverance, which means “persevere”, has been sending us images from the Martian crater Jezero since February 2021. As the name of the formation suggests, there was a lake in this place. Two rivers were flowing in it, but we don’t know exactly how many years this has happened.

In addition to providing us with amazing shots, the rover is also looking for evidence of microbial life in this environment. It collects soil and rock samples that will be delivered to scientists in the near future.

In April of this year, small amounts of fully breathable oxygen were obtained with the help of special instruments on the device. This technology is essential for future Mars exploration, which is fast approaching.

Perhaps in a few years, views like those in the above image will appear for the first group of astronauts to land on the Red Planet. For now, we can enjoy the wonderful landscape that would be beyond the reach of human foot for just a few more springs.

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