January 31, 2023


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Mark Dubrey's method of postponing a show at the VideoTron Center

Mark Dubrey’s method of postponing a show at the VideoTron Center

No shows are scheduled for February at the VideoTron Center. In turn, on Thursday morning, Mark Dupree announced that he was postponing his concert due to health restrictions.

Although the theaters reopen on February 7, the Quebec government’s limit of 500 people will not be able to hold concerts on February 25.

His show Where the World Will Be has been postponed to June 18.

The measures introduced against the Omigran variant had already forced the cancellation of The Offspring’s concert and postponed the arrival of Shine Down, two events scheduled for February.

Journey / Billy Idol doubleheader next event on videotron center chart on March 5th. A series of Disney on Ice shows and a best-selling concert are also scheduled for March.

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