Mariana Massa exhibits her paintings

Jack-of-All-Trade artist Mariana Masa reveals a new talent with her first visual art exhibition, Cheese and potatoes. In November, the comedian will present his 39 paintings, which he designed during epidemics. “I have no pretense behind this exhibition,” he said. But I think the world will see it as cold.

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As a teenager, Mariana Massa was interested in painting. “My mom bought me an eel, and I painted a lot,” he says Magazine. A year ago, with an epidemic, I officially started again. I set up a studio in my basement and did it full time.

He painted canvases on iconic figures he admired, including Mariana Massa Madonna.

Photo courtesy, Mariana Massa

He painted canvases on iconic figures he admired, including Mariana Massa Madonna.

It is on the set of the show Tower Comedian fell in love with pop art style. “There was a painting by Jerry Bullet, and I asked who did it. They told me it was Tina Cartier, and I contacted her.

Tina Cartier went to the comedian and showed him how his paintings went. “In the end, it was completely different from what I was doing because it uses neon lights. But I really liked it,” says Mariana.

In October 2020, Mariana set herself up and began working on the first canvas, with the late rapper The Notorious Big as a subject saying, “I saw the end. I revolutionized and built my foundation.”

Instead of starting with white canvases, Mariana Masa wanted to work with photographs of iconic figures such as Madonna, Robin Williams, Dolly Barton and Jim Carrey. “I took on global and timeless characters. […] I have no type to paint landscapes. All I want is to take an existing photo and put my universe in it.

“I loved it so much. I could see it was meditative. It did me good. I was doing something other than writing jokes. I was trying to ask myself how I was going to refresh myself. All the stress that came with it when I was doing my sketches. No. ”

Roger Federer

Photo courtesy, Mariana Massa

Roger Federer

Accessible works

Upon learning that her longtime friend Oligorno had opened her gallery in Old Montreal, Mariana contacted him and asked if she could display it at her home. “Without guessing, he said yes,” he says. He came to my house and he selected the most finished, most beautiful and best-selling canvases. We did this as a team. He showed me how to set up a website and generate authentication certificates. This is actually the result of a year of full-time work. ”

All of Mariana Massa’s canvases will go on sale in early November. The price of the original work starts at $ 500 and varies depending on the size of the canvases. The comedian will also sell canvas prints of certain works, limited to 100 copies and priced at $ 225.

“I really need to access it,” he says. I tested with painters to find out how it works with prices. I do not want to come in: “My name is Mariana Massa and I have the most precious paintings.” […] I invested a lot of money in training – several thousand dollars. I wanted the canvases to be ready to hang in someone’s house.

Dolly Barton

Photo courtesy, Mariana Massa

Dolly Barton

3D elements

There are very few Quebec artists in this first exhibition. “I have Celine Dion and Michael Richard as teenagers,” says Mariana. I have Jean Lleb, but I don’t think I will expose him. Same thing for Rene Lowes. When I started this, I was not asking myself if I was going to be Quebecs, Francophones, men, women. I went with the most interesting photos to work with. But next year, I will do a 100% Quebec show! ”

Going from one technique to another, Mariana had fun, especially in epoxy, pastel, and watercolor. “I would say my trademark is the 3D elements I added,” he says. On the canvas, there are small elements that always stand out. ”

Frida Kahlo

Photo courtesy, Mariana Massa

Frida Kahlo

What does she like about the pop art style explosion? “I think it makes great decorations,” Mariana replied. These are the ones I will hang in my house. I think these are the canvases that a lot of people want in their homes. They are great personalities. “

Mariana Massa decided to invite her to the exhibition Cheese and potatoes (“Fromage at Potted”), because she did not like a flat title Faces of my life, She says. “I thought it was fun and a joke for an industry that has always been inaccessible and wants to take itself seriously,” he says. Plus, the food I ate during the cheese and potato epidemics! [rires]. I thought it was fun. I tried a little to keep my humor there. ”

Exhibition Cheese and potatoes, Presented by Mariana Massa to the public from November 3 to 6 at the Gallery Institute of National Art Contemporary in Old Montreal.

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