Maria Debska wants a divorce from the church?  Weekly reports said he's already made a decision.  "It's heavy"

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About a crisis in marriage Maria Dubsk I Marcin Bossack It’s been said since the first show “Because it’s in me sex– A production in which the actress played the main role. In a promotional event Movie She appeared without a husband. Then she was photographed in the arms of another man, a famous journalist. A few weeks later, she denied it gossip About an affair with Stanisław Trzciński, but did not comment on reports of relationship problems. Now “Na Żywo” magazine reports that Dębska has left her husband and is planning to cancel the church wedding she had with Bosak on August 15, 2020.

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Maria Dubska wants to annul the marriage of Marcin Bossack? ‘I’ve already made up my mind’

An article appeared in “Na Żywo” in which we read that the star “because of sex in me” was unable to communicate with her lover. She has already revealed in one of the interviews that they have a very strong temperament and a completely different view of the profession that they both pursue. Now that Maria has achieved artistic success, it is possible that she has problems in her personal life.

Maria has already made her decision and intends to divorce Marcin as soon as possible. Moreover, he immediately plans to submit the relevant documents for the cancellation of the church wedding.

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Maria Dubska: “There will be a wedding, but not in Tuscany”

The actress’s close acquaintance ensures that a church divorce is only a matter of time. Dębska wants to forget about the painful separation as soon as possible.

Once Maria is married, she would like to quickly close this chapter and not return to it. It’s hard for her, but she’s not alone in it – ‘Na Żywo’ detective reveals.

The actress has not yet addressed the speculations that have appeared in the media.

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