March 22, 2023


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Marek Kondrat: Kaczynski occupies us while we are facing him with a meme

Marek Kondrat: Kaczynski occupies us while we are facing him with a meme

In an interview with Juliusz Ćwieluch published in Polityka Marek Kondrat Tell why, in his opinion, we still celebrate “Freaky Day” in Poland. As emphasized by the now re-enactment of Miauchinsky’s cult “was not in vain”.

“At least there is something memes can be made of. The meme day is the secret state weapon. Kaczyński occupies us, we occupy his face. Let it stifle our resistance. We have resistance in our instinct. I’m just tired of it. You have to work, build and learn here. Otherwise, the darkness will engulf us, ”- said Kondrat.

According to the former representative – Kondrat is no longer practicing his acquired profession, in recent years has established himself as a connoisseur and wine seller – in Poland you can already see the end of the current power, because the “sausage ends”, which is always supposed to herald the end of rule over the Vistula River. He also admits that it is difficult not to “struggle with the Poles”.

As he asserts, Poland is a difficult and intimate subject for him, and he does not feel the need to prove to anyone today that he is a true Polish. He proves it every month by paying “big taxes” in Poland, which he sees as a manifestation of patriotism. In his opinion, a man who loves his country should clean his dog, pay taxes – and read books.

Recently, uninterested people, full of complexes and infuriated internally, wipe their mouths. I can’t even engage in dialogue with them, so I’d rather stay silent. I don’t have to prove to anyone that I’m a real tycoon.”

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According to Kondrat, the current social revolution in Poland is caricatured. “We’re starting to call out the past, all those anti-Semitic ghosts, that stink from Sanacja, these boys from ONR,” he says. As he admits, had it not been for the European Union and NATO, Poland ‘will be the second Belarus today’. In his opinion, it is also visible in the right-wing press, which today uses the style characteristic of the interwar period.

The interview also referred to the current government’s social policy. Kondrat calls allowances 500 in addition to handouts, noting that the benefit only deepens the differences that exist in Polish society. “They got a handout and said to them: Now take care of yourself. How many teeth will you fix for this money, and how much football training will your child pay for it? What is this money worth today? In Finland, school is free. Free means that pencil, pencil and slippers “You get all this from the state. The rich and the poor have the same pen and the same opportunities.” 500 plus for the poor and the rich do not get out of any opportunities, it only deepens the differences“- Says.

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