Mara Tremblay will work with her son on the project

Mara Tremblay was chosen to host the grand spectacle of the Féd National du Québec in the capital. For this event, he has assembled several artists of whom he is a particular fan, but also his son, who will sing for the first time on the Abraham Plains stage.

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Mara Tremblay is thrilled to have the opportunity to host one of the biggest shows of the year. “It’s an exceptional honor, it’s huge for me because I’m surrounded by friends and my son Eduard. There’s something very personal about this project. I have people very close to me on the scene. For example, Paul Darraich, who I’ve been on tour with for two years. But singing with my son on the plains is really special. Beyond anything I could ever dream of in my life.

Mara Tremblay admitted that she was hired because the show was looking for a strong and mature woman to host. “I said OK, but personally, I know a lot of these girls, so I brought them with me. I decided to add my own color by adding folklore to the show, as I found it lacking in recent years. Finally, I have a say in the songs. ; there was an unusual openness in the production regarding my desires that I wanted to share with the public and other artists.

Commune of passion

Édouard Tremblay-Grenier is 21 years old. He started as an actor in the art world. He notably played Leo, Martin Matt’s son, in Les beaux malaises 2.0 for a few years. “I have been playing for 13 years. Recently I decided to take music more seriously. In particular, I am currently recording an album,” he said. Edward admits that his mother’s music really inspired him. “I’m lucky that I’m a fan of what both my parents do (Edward is also the son of comedian Daniel Grenier). Of course her music has influenced me in some way. What I do musically is a lot like my mom, but with influences from Garqua, Malajube and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Mara Tremblay credits her son’s passion for music to his exposure to it from the time he was in the womb. “When I was pregnant, I played the guitar a lot! My last show was at the Francofolies (since 2018 called Francos de Montreal), I was eight months pregnant. It’s very interesting because at 13, he played the guitar like me. It’s crazy, the impact music has on a fetus. Playing with him on such a large scale, for me, it’s almost incomprehensible, I feel so many emotions.

A first for Edward

Despite his passion for music, Edward never had the chance to play on a big stage like Les Plains. “Before we started rehearsals I was very stressed. But now I’m more prepared. I tell myself if I make a mistake, it’s a live show, I’m human, I’m not the only human in this show,” his mother adds. Vulnerable. As artists, we all want to be there. It will not be a negative stress, but an exciting one. Experiencing this unique and extraordinary moment with my son, personally, takes all the stress out of me. Unlike his mother, Edward never saw the Plains of Abraham. “I’ve already been to the Quebec Aquarium, but I’ve never seen the plains.” Mara Tremblay admits it will be a very emotional moment for her son.

Big event Quebec’s National Day in the Capital will be broadcast on Télé-Québec on June 23 from 9:30 p.m.

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