Many CH players are in Montreal for the Lasso festival

Although summer is coming to an end in Quebec, the reality is that the festival season is far from over. For example, on the weekend, it’s a festival Lasso An event that brings together country music lovers in the city.

Two of the most famous names in the scene, Kane Brown and Chris Stapleton, are the main artists in Montreal this weekend.

We know country music is very popular in the CH locker room. Last year, for example, Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson attended the ceremony along with Logan Mailloux.

This year, the guys took the opportunity to turn up in large numbers again. In addition to Suzuki, Anderson and Mailloux, Kaiden Guhle, Juraj Slafkovský and The Sekage brothers.

Yippie! Of course there is.

Clearly, it’s great to see young people from the company spending time in the city on their days off. Guhle, Slafkovský and Xhekaj are known to be good friends off the ice, and the trio jumped at the chance to attend the ceremony together.

Especially since Kuhle and Slough seem to be big fans of festivals.

With training camp fast approaching, we suspect the guys will be working hard on their preparation over the next few days. All of these players’ spots in the NHL (except for Florian Xhekaj) seem pretty secure for next season, but they’ll need to prepare if they want to make it to the next level this year.

At least Suzuki might be honing his DJ skills in preparation for the upcoming campaign.

Brief. It’s great news to see the guys enjoying their city break before taking part in team camp. Guys really like to spend time together, and most importantly, they develop a sense of belonging to the city.

In my view these are both great things.

A lot

– Guys Hubs Fan TV There are also in the festival.

– He hit 27.3% of his shots last year and I wonder if he will win this year. It is not suitable for long term.

– We’re talking about a one-year deal for $1 million.

– Surprise in Toronto.

– Obviously.

– An amazing match in Cincinnati.

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