Manchester City owner buys another club.  He gives 200 million for 51 percent of football shares

friends Manchester They are going to buy another club. According to the Brazilian portal, the City Football Group wants to take over Atletico Mineiro. CURRENT CHAMPIONS Brazil An official offer has already been made. CFG wants to acquire 51 percent of the club’s shares, for which it is offering 1 billion Brazilians factor $200 million.

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Warsaw Orsenov Arena made available to refugees

Manchester City owners want to buy another club. They set out to conquer South America

However, the Brazilians would like to get twice that amount. However, journalists report that negotiations are going in the right direction and the deal is likely to be finalized. Their decisions are influenced by the fact that the club is in a poor financial position. The club’s debts from Belo Horizonte amount to 1.3 billion riyals, or about 240 million riyals euro.

A spokesman for the Polish Football Association sharply about the activities of FIFA. ‘It’s just a scandal’

Several months ago, there were reports that the City Football Group wanted to buy a Brazilian club. There has been talk of interest in Esporte Clube Bahia. In the end, the choice fell Atletico Mineiro. In November last year, club representatives attended ManchesterThey were introduced to the CFG Sports Project.

Atletico Mineiro is one of the most famous clubs in Brazil. It was founded in 1908. In its history, he was able to enjoy winning the title of national champion twice. in 2013 football players It turns out that Atletico Mineiro is the best in Libertadores Cupequivalent to South America Champions League.

City Football Group is a company consisting of three entities. The majority stake is in the hands of the Abu Dhabi United Group. The rest of the shares are owned by China Media Capital and Silver Lake.

Since its founding in 2013, the group of clubs operated by City Football Group has grown to ten. These are Manchester(England), New York City(United States of America), Melbourne(Australia) , Girona(Spain), Troyes AC (France), Lommel SK (Belgium), Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan), Sichuan Jiuniu (China), Club Atlético Torque (Uruguay) and Mumbai (India).

Swedes are angry. Swedes are angry. Such promotion of Poland to the qualifiers final would be unfair.

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