June 2, 2023


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Maluba won Prime Show MMA 3

Maluba won Prime Show MMA 3

Mielczanka Magdalena “Maluba” Lubacz won her first fight at Prime Show MMA 3. Her opponent was Wiola Kotelecka.

A party was held on Saturday Prime 3: Street Fighter. Mielczanka Magdalena participated in one of the battles “Maluba“Lubacz, known from the program”Project LadyHer competitor was working on Instagram and Yulita “Viola” Kotelica.

The battle lasted three rounds, mostly dueling Mielczanka . dominated This was confirmed by the judges’ ruling.I am satisfied that the plan has been implemented one hundred percent. I was doing exactly what the coach told me. There was a quiet head here – Magdalena Lubacz admitted. I want 100 percent “fun” of what I do. It was sweat, mostly tears, because I didn’t have the strength to train. For me it was such an effort that I was fighting with myself.

I felt an advantage over Wiola’s dominance. I didn’t expect it to last for three minutes, I thought it would go down faster – Maluba admitted. – I have to work to attack more boldly, but I specifically “crushed” Yula.

For Maluba, yesterday’s fight was her first MMA appearance.

– In the last round I felt that I lack oxygenWhich is why I was trying to psychic destroy my opponent. I knew her kicks were powerful. Not only did I listen to my corner, but I listened to her as well, so I knew what she was going to do – she added. – I did not expect such a debut.

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