Mallorca.  German tourists caused a fire.  The court refused to release them

German media reported, Thursday, that a Spanish court in Mallorca refused to release on bail a German group detained for two months. The detainees, members of the team attending a local bowling competition, set the fire by throwing cigarette butts from the hotel balcony.

A group of 13 men from German He flew to Mallorca in May to take part in a bowling competition. Their last fun at the very unlucky hotel is over. Throwing cigarette butts off the porch, they inadvertently set fire to the reed roof above the bar below. The fire was so violent that it damaged not only the bar, but also part of the hotel and adjacent buildings.

The entire group was arrested by the Spanish police and arrested. As German “Bild” reported on Thursday, some were released in early June after posting bail. Eight Germans remained in detention, but in their case, the Spanish court did not agree to release on bail, even though the detainees’ families were willing to pay bail of 500,000. euro.

“The irony of the judiciary”

According to the German newspaper “Bild”, the judge in charge of the case, Anthony Ruetger, called the show a “mockery of the judiciary.” It was also estimated that eight Germans remained in detention due to the “extreme risk of escape” from the island.

The lawyer for the detained Rabanne Funk, as reported by “Bild”, opposed the court’s decision and announced that he would refer the case to a higher court.

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Mallorca Popular

In recent years, the authorities of Mallorca have tried to change the image of the island, which is especially popular among tourists looking for high-profile parties with a lot of alcohol. For this reason, on the island, among other things, the sale of alcohol in supermarkets was restricted, Cruise ships that can land in ports have also been stopped.

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