Majka Jeżowska attacked in her hometown.  “I received threats”

  • In an interview with Plejada, Majka Jeżowska tells how she got a role in the movie “Ikea Generation” alongside Bartosz Gelner. “I was so happy that he was playing my son. We hadn’t known each other before, but I was fascinated by his ‘un-Polish’ way of being and playing – we hear
  • This is not her first film, as she appeared years ago in the production of “Carolcia”. However, the movie was not released. It was supposed to be a musical production with ballroom dancing scenes, and it was to be distributed overseas. Why there was no premiere, you have to ask the director and producer, who may have misinvested the money intended to finish the film – you tell us
  • The artist also refers to an article in which she was described as “the outrageous of Nowy Sącz”. This is related to her statement she made in 2022 during Campus Polska Przyszości, where she described her hometown of Nowy Sącz as a “church and secluded basin”. As Pelegada says, she does not visit her home country because “she does not feel welcome there.” In “Revenge,” my performance was canceled two days ahead of schedule, and I even received threats of physical violence. I hope one day the climate will change and I will be able to return home to my family in peace – she emphasizes
  • The singer also reassures the parents of children who go to kindergarten. Majka Jeżowska, and explains that she hasn’t played in an erotic movie, as you can read in the headlines

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