Maja Hirsch: Her mother is Russian.  Career and origin of the "Ugly" actress

Maja Hirsch She is a famous Polish actress who is well remembered by viewers by her numerous appearances in serials. Recently, we can watch it, among other things in “Ugly 2”Where she played the role of Paulina Fibo. The star also appears in a new program on the Polish market – “Across the Atlantic”.

After graduating from the Theater Academy in Warsaw, during her studies she collaborated with the theater studio “Koło”, appearing in her first show “I will rent a room”. She played in the graduation plays of the Theater Academy: “The Seagull” and “Grandparents’ Day”. In 2000, she joined the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw, where she made her debut in the title role in the play “Salome”. In 2005, she also played in the Serena Theater.

In addition to many roles in serials, she also appeared in films: “Black to see” (2003), “the body” (2003), “Crown Witness” (2007), “Ki” (2011), “How to get rid of cellulite” (2011) and “DJ” (2018).

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Maja Hirsch was born on October 15, 1977 in Warsaw, now she is 44 years old. The actress is the daughter of a Russian and a Pole of German origin, hence her foreign nickname. Her parents met in the German Democratic Republic. Her mother worked there as a translator, and her father was a journalist.

The actress carefully protects her privacy, so relatively little is known about her. However, it is known that she was related to the actor Jacek Brassack. They broke up a few years ago but are still on good terms. They have a 19-year-old daughter named Maria. The star also has a brother, Dmitry.

And although the actress avoids media coverage, she has mentioned her complex origins in several interviews.

In the same interview, when asked if she visits her relatives in Russia, she shared her childhood memories with readers.

For her, childhood is not only a treasure trove of poetic memories. In one of the interviews, she admitted that she was harassed because of her origin.

Currently, the actress in social media expresses her support for the fight against the Ukrainians, and earlier she also took part in actions for Belarus.

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