March 22, 2023


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Magda Geisler lost 10 kilos

Magda Geisler lost 10 kilos

Magda Geisler Years ago I was losing weight and gaining weight. several years ago I managed to lose 17 kilos. Celebrities boasted at the time that their diet was only for the rich. As she told reporters:

“It is a very expensive and luxurious diet. That is why it is not suitable for everyone.

After losing weight astonishingly, the owner of the restaurant hurried There was a yo-yo effect. 3 years ago she decided to go back to her “white diet” which relied on rice, steamed vegetables and grilled fish. The effect, unfortunately, did not last again.

Since then, Gesler has been trying to invoke reality from time to time by posting slimmer photos of himself on Instagram. When she did this two years ago, commentators quickly realized that the photo at the conservatory was from a session for “Viva” magazine a few years ago.

Recently, Gessler’s “lightened” photos and videos appeared again on Gessler’s Instagram. This time it is assumed reflect reality. As the restaurant owner revealed, recently I managed to lose 10 kilos. There were even suspicions that her lover, the owner of the aesthetic medicine clinic in Toronto, was involved in this. Geisler nervously reacted to them:

“Heck… I’m without any additives. The truth is I lost 10 kilos. But I haven’t contacted a plastic surgeon. And the husband of the family is not moving.”

In what way did you achieve this effect? As Geisler explained in an interview with “Super Express,” she used a common method, often referred to as “MŻ”:

“I never strictly lose weight. Do’s and don’ts work. The most important thing is peace, confidence and balance. I just eat lots of veggies, tomatoes, baked potatoes and fish. But I think my miracle diet is a work-intensive one! I’m on the run, but At the same time I try not to forget about regularity in eating. I only take smaller portions. It’s not a find, but it works!”

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