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Magali Madina again harshly criticized the series “This Is War” “The Academy: Challenge and Fame”, the ninth episode of which was marked by an arrow similar to the one she starred in. In real life.

“What they did was actually turn the arrow we spit out, ‘Melissa Paradise with the Activator Dancer’. (…) That’s why people believe that the arrow is anything, anything made of it.‘Urraka’ said after remembering that he was the patent holder of the word to refer to treason cases in the show business.

Destroy Nicola Porcella:

Medina criticized the producers of the reality show for putting Jotta Benz and Angie Arisaga, who had been a couple for months, in front of Nicola Porcella, with whom the “Warriors” member had a stormy relationship.

Aside from the desire to wash his face for so long, they now think of selling him as a repentant man, Which is another now, but what an awkward situation for Angie and JotaThe host of the show said after considering the lack of respect for the new life undertaken by the famous ‘Negrita’.

As for Medina, the presence of Nicola Porcella in the EEG series seeks to victimize him. “It doesn’t bother me much to talk about these things because you know Nicola Porcella is not my saint.”, That raised the question.

Recommended video:

Nicola Porcella apologizes to Angie Arisaga in the new episode of “The Academy”

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