Madeira earthquake.  Everyone on the island was shocked by a force of 5.3

Recorded early in the morning at 4:32 local time Earthquake near Madeira In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Everyone on the island was shocked. The city of Funchal, capital of Madeira, was closest to the epicenter.

According to the Volcano Discovery website, The earthquake had a magnitude of 5.3 on the Richter scale on the Richter scale. Despite the relatively low power, it was very noticeable. The reason for this was that the low center was very shallow – only five kilometers deep.

Seismologists from many countries are currently studying the causes and strength of the disaster. Research centers have reported that the strength of the tremors ranges from 4.8 to 6.1. The scattering of data is due to very early diagnosis – you have to wait a few more hours for reliable data.

However An earthquake of this magnitude does not usually cause massive damage to infrastructure. Aside from the bodies falling from the shelves and the feeling of extreme shock, there was nothing else threatening the people of Madeira.

Because the tremors appeared suddenly in the middle of the night and woke many people up, the residents were primarily confused by the prevailing situation. They started appearing on social media Entries from people who were literally terrified.

Some pointed out that today The shocks were stronger who they usually deal with.

Madeira It is an island of volcanic origin. Although volcanic eruptions are not recorded in the area anymore, it is still a seismically disturbed area.

The island is the king of Portugal popular tourist destination. Tourism earnings represent at least one-fifth of the total revenue of this small Atlantic economy.

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