“Madame Web”: Producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura has no gender for heroes

Producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura's films “weigh” more than $7B at the box office. and with Madam Webb, starring Dakota Johnson and Tahar Rahim, jumps into the water as it's Marvel's dedication to a superheroine. Interview…

“Of course I was worried when I saw the box office Wonderful», Lorenzo de Bonaventura, answered candidly last week during an interview before the publication of the QMI agency. Madam Webb.

Actors Jose Maria Yaspic and Dakota Johnson,


Starring Jose Maria Yaspic and Dakota Johnson, “Madam Web” director S.J. with Clarkson on Feb. 13 in Mexico City.

“We know audiences are tired of superheroes. All we can do is give the audience something different. We hope that the public will see our efforts and people will realize it Madam Webb Not a Marvel movie like others, we put more emphasis on the characters and show their vulnerability,” he added.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is right to ask questions, because, like Les Marvel, Madam Webb revolves around a superheroine, in this case Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson). In this new movie from the Spider-Man universe, Sony Studios owns the rights, Cassandra must protect three young women who are trying to kill the evil Sims (Tahar Rahim). But, unlike Les Marvel, Madam Webb Featuring significantly fewer large-scale action sequences, the overall budget was $100 million. Wonderful.

Girls, so what?

Lorenzo de Bonaventura is no stranger to testosterone-inducing blockbusters. Transformers has GI Joe. Why, suddenly this producer focused on a…superheroine film? He laughs when asked the question.

producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura on February 5 in Pasadena, California.

Getty Images via AFP

producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura on February 5 in Pasadena, California.

“Thank God I do films with a majority of women,” he exclaims. During my career, I mainly worked with Warner Bros. Studios. We were very confident at the international box office. Internationally best selling films are “masculine” films and I fell into this trap. It gives me pleasure to make such a film Madam Webb With very strong female characters.”

“When we did Salt' [film sorti en 2010 de Phillip Noyce avec Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor,NDLR]The expectations about the main character's gender were crazy,” recalls Angelina Jolie, whose secret agent character was, in the original script… a man.

“I never thought that heroes had a predetermined gender,” said Lorenzo de Bonaventura. They are heroes, period. The expected reactions of a woman in a certain situation are, to me, the reactions of a hero. Not a woman's reactions, but even a man's reactions. And what is interesting Salt “Other characters' reactions change when the heroine is female instead of male.”

“So I specifically wanted to revisit this question Madam WebbEspecially since we had not one, but four women on screen.”

Further, Madam WebbReleased on Valentine's Day, it was aimed at a female audience but featured no love story…another unusual fact!

“I hope women will choose Madam Webb During their romantic evening. I also believe that one of Hollywood's worst failings is that it thinks it needs a love story to attract female moviegoers.

“Madam Web” weaves its web in theaters on February 14.

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