Ma³gorzata Ko¿uchowska delights in a bodycon dress at the Venice Film Festival.  What elegance!

Małgorzata Kożuchowska She is considered one of the best dressed Polish women in the show business. The actress delights in beautifully designed feminine designs every time, and fans can’t get over it when they see new pics. I was surprised recently Summer outfit with beige shortsand before I went to the derby in a polka dot dress. He is currently working at the Venice Film Festival, where he shares an extensive report.

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Małgorzata Kożuchowska reveals how she cheated on the production of ‘M jak miłość’

Tomasz Kammel owns a stylish apartment in the center of the capital. Bedroom like from a hotel

Małgorzata Kożuchowska in a black maxi in Venice

Ma³gorzata Ko¿uchowska Take full advantage of the charm of the Italian city. In InstaStories, she showed the design she chose – tight dress The maxi is in black, perfectly displaying her figure. That’s why she chose a silver watch and long hours earrings. While getting ready to go out, I asked fans which bag they should choose. I wondered between a glamorous handbag and a bit of a hobo, and if the survey was to be believed, the choice fell on the second option. in Make-up Place the accent on her lips while Poetry She combed the back.

Małgorzata KożuchowskaMałgorzata Kożuchowska Instagram malgorzatakozuchowska

Małgorzata KożuchowskaMałgorzata Kożuchowska Instagram malgorzatakozuchowska

Ilona Łepkowska reveals the idea of ​​Hanka Mostowiak’s death

11 years have passed since the death of Hanka Mostoyak, performed by Majorzata Kochowska. Then the heroine drove the car to the memorable chests, but this was not the reason for her departure. It turned out that she was not injured, but the sudden maneuver tightened her to the point of rupturing the aneurysm.. After years Ilona Sipkowska She revealed that she had a completely different plan for this stage, but she was not working as a writer or producer at the time. However, she suggested that Hanka undergo an operation that would lead to sepsis and she was given the opportunity to say goodbye to her relatives.

Małgorzata Kożuchowska.Kouchowska showed her son. Fans can’t say enough about “But Big!”

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