March 28, 2023


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M3GAN: Watch the trailer for a sci-fi horror movie

M3GAN: Watch the trailer for a sci-fi horror movie

James Wan, one of the most creative filmmakers in the horror world, is responsible for the project called M3GAN. This is the man behind the Bayaa, the presence or incarnation. He presents an equally disturbing story in his new production.

M3GAN, or artificial intelligence as a babysitter and friend

M3GAN It is the title of the movie and at the same time the name of the main character. It is a highly advanced robot that uses artificial intelligence to become a child’s best friend and parent’s ally. He listens, observes, learns and accompanies people at every step.

This ultra-realistic doll was created by Gemma, who one day has to take care of her orphaned niece. Cady is 8 years old and can’t afford to lose him. M3GAN is there to help it with this, and it is doing it in the beginning.

However, at some point, something changes and self-awareness begins to wake up in M3GAN. What will this lead to? The answer will be known early next year, when Universal Pictures will be shown in cinemas. The new trailer clearly shows, however, that the vision won’t be particularly optimistic…

Watch the trailer for M3GAN – a science fiction horror game with artificial intelligence:

Play the video

Personally, I don’t like horror movies, but I would probably go to the cinema for this one. I like the theme of robot awareness, and if you do too, I highly recommend the Ex Machina and Morgan movies to you. The former can be seen on Netflix and Prime Video, and the latter is available at many rental stores.

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Source: Gizmodo, People, Polygon