m like love.  Patrycja and Argasiński Divorce!  Will he move it to the last penny in the new season?  - Trailer, Pictures

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m like love. Patrycja and Argasiński Divorce! Will he move it to the last penny in the new season? – Trailer, Pictures

This is confirmed in “M jak miłość”! In the new season of the series, we will see the divorce of Patrycja (Alzbeta Lenska) from Argasiński (Karol Strasburger). The chief doctor will not be satisfied with such a development of events, which can be clearly seen in the trailer for the new episodes. Material from the last “Kulis M jak miłość” shows that Argasiński will once again attempt to bribe his wife. But rather, she is the one who will be able to steal him to the last penny in the courtroom! Check out what we already know, see the trailer for the new season “M jak miłość” and the photo gallery of Argasia’s shoots!

The new season of “M jak miłość” Summer 2022. Argasinski’s divorce is certain!

As you can see in the trailer for the new season “M jak miłość” Patricia and Jerzy will meet in court and the couple will divorce. What’s worse for Argasiński, his wife will change beyond recognition and will fight successfully for herself and the future of her child! Will ukasz leave his ruthless husband penniless in the end?

– Patrycja gained more strength to fight for hers – Reveals Lenska in “Kulisach M jak miłość”. – I feel stronger, these are big changes!

As we can see in the video from “Kulis M jak miłość” Patrycja meets Argasiński in front of the courtroom. In the footage, it seems that the divorce has already taken place, and the chief doctor wants to give her something else. But Patricia appears to be a financially satisfied woman who would not accept another bribe from Jersey.

– I don’t want any money from you – Patrycja will throw the defeated Argasiński in one of the new episodes of “M jak miłość”.

Patricia’s strength and independence in “M jak miłość” will also have a dark side. Argasińska may also break up with Łukasz, and she will surely not want to talk to her mother anymore – Read more here >>>

M jak miłość. Trailer for the new season. Bowie will know about Franca’s baby. The divorce of Patrija and Arjacinsky and big changes in the Chudakovsky family

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