Lukashenka was interviewed by the Associated Press.  On the war in Ukraine: I have the impression that it continues World News

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How does the world view Russia’s war with Ukraine? a. Leguka: India and Africa are repeating Russian propaganda

Alexander Lukashenka gave on Thursday Intelligence information from the American news agency AP. He said he did not expect the conflict to “continue for that long.”

– I’m not deep enough into this topic to say whether or not [wojna – red.] He goes according to plan, as the Russians say, or as I feel it – he said, and added: – I want more Once Underline: I have the impression that this process is being delayed. However, he said,Russia By definition, he can’t miss this war“.

Belarus has been supporting Russia in the war against Ukraine from the very beginning. Before the start of the invasion, some Russian units gathered in this country. from the region Belarus An unsuccessful attack against Kyiv was also carried out. Russian planes take off from there and launch missiles. But in an interview, Lukashenka repeated the Kremlin propaganda narrative and claimed that it was Ukraine The attack was planned and it was a “pre-emptive” attack.

Lukashenka: We are doing everything now so that there is no war

At the same time, he emphasized in an interview with the Palestinian Authority that Belarus, which he rules, “for the sake of peace” and said that he called for an end to the war.

– We categorically disagree with any war. We did and we are doing everything so that there is no war. Thanks to me, negotiations began between Ukraine and Russia – he said.

Lukashenka was asked about the possible use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. He described this as “unacceptable because Ukraine is right next door – we’re not abroad like the United States.” But the question of whether Russia is capable of this must be “put to the Russian leadership.”

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