Luc Guérin will mark their 20 years as a couple in a very special way

Luc Guérin agreed to play in the new series Société distincte because he was mesmerized by the originality of its scene. But the most likable and great actor has more than one reason to celebrate this year!

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Luke, Raymond, who is your character in Society?

He is the father of Marc, Antoine Pilon’s character, and Gabriel (Loham Chau), who disappeared 15 years ago.

Raymond, played by Maude Guerin, Michelin’s ex?

Exactly. Gabrielle’s disappearance causes their separation, as Michelle’s interpretation of the event does not fit Raymond’s ideals. He’s very down-to-earth, but he’s still kind. My character was not much, but I agreed to participate in the project after reading the script, because Benoit Larch, the screenwriter and director of the series, comes with a proposal unlike any other.

When are you resuming Brew’s shows?

Only in September. I will be back in December following this The Addams Family, this time in Quebec. For the new shows in Montreal starting in October, it’s Brian Audet who plays Gomez, not me. So in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy a quiet summer. In fact, I am working on a project planned for 2025; I can’t wait to talk about it, it’s new to me. But I work at home so I can take care of my bonsai, a passion that has driven me for about twenty years. I’m about fifteen and I train at Bonsai Gros Peg in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez. That’s wonderful! I also advise people to visit the place this summer.

You are celebrating many birthdays this year.

Yes, including 40 years of experience. I graduated from the National School of Drama in 1984.

Does your upcoming anniversary next November, your 65th birthday inspire you to draw some?

how old are you? I’m not old! (smile) I don’t deny it, but age gets on my nerves, because I see that it creates programming. “I’m 50, so I’m doing this. I’m 60, so I’m like that. No, I thank my job for keeping me so young mentally and physically. It’s funny because when I work with kids, I’m always with people my own age.” (Laughs) My work is still a game for me and I want it to last longer with the people I love.

Another important anniversary: ​​Your love story with Catherine Senart is now 20 years old. Are you going to insist on that?

It could be a short trip.


In New York, to see some shows, including the Moulin Rouge. Maybe this is how we celebrate our anniversary. It may sound sad, but my girlfriend and I are celebrating 20 years. At all our dinners, there are candles. We are so lucky to have each other and smart enough to realize it. I had my children with my first wife and I will say that there were things that didn’t work. I went to therapy. I promised life and myself that I would learn to love right. My breakup wasn’t easy, and I wanted my kids to see later what I really learned.

Are you in love?

Yes, I’m a romantic, and I’m not ashamed to say it. The reason I’m so excited for Gomez Addams to star in The Addams Family is because he’s such a great boyfriend. He dances tango daily with his wife.

How many children do you have?

Two girls. Fanny is 35 years old and Catoo is 33 years old.

Are they happy to see you in love today?

Yes. We’ve been through a tough time and no one breaks up easily, that’s what I believe. During treatment, I wanted my children to see their father happy. They appreciate it and my relationship with my children is extraordinary.

What kind of treatment have you received?

I got divorced at 44, so I saw a psychologist regularly, I would say from 43 to 50. I see him occasionally today. It saved me.

In which way?

In the sense that I worked a lot and was at home a little. I had to reevaluate all my values ​​because I was disappearing in a way. When we work a lot, it seems like our work defines us. Fortunately, when the epidemic hit, I had already done some work. I wanted to become a man, a father, a lover.

You have given yourself a nice gift!

Of course, I tell everyone, give yourself this gift. Because a good therapist is a first-class interlocutor to whom you can tell anything. It is very good. If we learn to care for our bodies, perhaps we can learn to care for our souls. Apart from health challenges, challenges beyond our control, we are somehow responsible for our condition. We can help each other and change things.

10 Chapters of Distinguished Society are available at Club Illigo. To learn all about the Addams family, visit, and for Broue, go to

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