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Despite the lower prices, there were fewer and fewer customers from week to week, and they also complained about a lack of variety. The chain just decided to close its branches.

Two years after the opening of the first store in Poland, the Russian chain Mere withdrew from our country. Single outlets are just beginning to sell their assortment. There are two stores in our area: in Chełm and Hrubieszów. The staff does not hide that facilities are waiting to close, but does not indicate when that will happen. They explain that they do not have such knowledge. Currently, it is supposed to work as before, but all merchandise has been sold out and no new deliveries have been made.

He just appeared in Poland two years ago. It is a network of reducers known to Poles from the very beginning of their activity, for example Biedronka. The lowest possible price of goods is important, which is why they are sold directly from pallets and boxes. Products come from low-quality shelves, often with simple packaging. There are also no major marketing activities.

Recently, precisely with the beginning of the armed invasion of Ukraine, this network was subjected to a severe boycott. Precisely because of the fact of Russian origin. Individual enterprises tried to protect themselves from the outflow of customers, explaining that the employees were Polish and had nothing to do with the war. In total, there are 10 stores across the country. Grid’s plans assumed that there would be over a hundred of them.

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