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The outbreak of the Corona virus in the province Lublin is out of control. Hundreds of people are registered with SARS-CoV-2 on the day of the fillings. Where do these people get infected and from what foci do this infection come? The public does not know this, because the Ministry of Health does not disclose outbreaks of infection, and Sanepid cannot claim this information either. At regular press conferences of the Lublin Voivodship office, information is leaked to the media that somewhere more of these injuries are, and somewhere less. It mainly concerns educational institutions or hospitals. It is difficult to request more information from the services of Lublin voivode and the Ministry of Health. The concept of “epidemic outbreak” mentioned above and the location of these outbreaks have completely disappeared from media information.

Does this data exist? We do not know, because the Ministry of Health believes that in cases related to diseases that spread through the respiratory system and carry the risk of transmission in all situations of daily life, it is very difficult to determine where the infection occurred. specific individual case. As we have been informed, in particular during the period of widespread virus spread during an epidemic – clear identification of where transmission occurred is often only possible in certain situations, for example in the case of persons staying in long-term 24-hour accommodations from which the person does not leave or In other cases, lack of social mobility. According to the Ministry of Health, due to the dynamics of changes in data on outbreaks, the publication of data on the number of outbreaks has been abandoned.

Currently, residents of the province. The Lublin region does not know where the greatest risk of infection with the Coronavirus is, and it can be noted that these places have knowledge of epidemic outbreaks. When this data was published, foci were known to be found in workplaces, schools, churches, hospitals, or family outbreaks. Information is repeated every day like a slogan about the need for vaccinations against COVID-19, and about social distancing, masks and disinfection. Knowledge about the outbreak of epidemics for the population of the region is no less important than the above rules. why? It gives the image of the epidemic, but also allows for responsible behavior related to, inter alia, the use of masks and the maintenance of social distance.

According to Michai Rogalsky, who deals with the development of data on the epidemic in the country, its development is unfortunately accelerating and at the current pace, next week we can reach 7-8 thousand. Infections per day (about 4.5 thousand on average). He adds that in the province. In Lublin, the epidemic is now out of control, and there it will be the most difficult situation in the coming weeks.

The situation is already difficult, given the occupancy of beds in hospitals. There are poor areas where these places no longer exist, and patients are taken to hospitals far from their places of residence. The problems with places concern hospitals of both levels, in both Lublin and the other Bovias.

Tuesday’s data shows that 1/4 of the infections nationwide affect the county’s residents. Lublin. The average percentage of positive results in the region is more than 20%, and today it is already 23%. The worst case is in Lublin and Lublin Boviats. In the region, 11 people have died from COVID-19, including 10 who developed comorbidities. The number of people in quarantine in the county Lublin county is 18,836. In the last day, 4,355 tests were carried out.

Only yesterday in Lublin alone, another 232 cases of infection were recorded, in Lubelski there were 92 deaths, followed by infections of Puławy poviat 81, biaalski 67 and Kraśnicki 57. In other regions, the values ​​were less than 50 new infections.

Analytical data on corona virus infection in the country


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