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Find out the detailed synopsis of Season 3 with episode 621 airing on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, with Louis who gets the coveted job?

ITC Soap Opera Complete Recap and Preview of 03/15/2023 Episode with Spoilers and All Carelessness starts here.

Louis wants to get revenge on Claire by taking out the head of the company.

A complete summary can be found hereHere it all begins in episode 621 Aired on TF1 on Wednesday March 15, 2023 (Preview the Briefs Here it all starts )

A recap of the previous episode Here everything starts from 03/14/2023 is online. TV news tells you about ITC’s plot of the day Conspiracy Secrets (Watch Trailer)

Theo apologizes to Emmanuel for writing this note: he entered the circle. Theo says he thought it would never be known…especially since he thought Vic burned everything.

Sol and Lionel search the village for Antoine’s car. They eventually find her: she’s tagged, and inside she’s hideous. Solal thinks they should come forward. The car was fined extra.

Clotilde tells Emmanuel that she had nothing to do with the news that came out. Clotilde offers to stand together. They say it is rumour. Clotilde had helped Daisier…so she didn’t want to know.

Deisier is where it all begins

Emmanuel lectures Theo with his circle secret

Antoine calls Rose, Claire, Louise, Emmanuelle and Clotilde. Tessier says that it is true that he deceived her into getting the job, and he also reprimands Clotilde. This comes as a shock to Claire, who feels betrayed.

Elliot feels a little guilty for leaving Jasmine alone to manage the cub. Jasmine says she is not alone and can count on Axel and Hortense.

Lionel and Sola put the washed car and keys back in the office. With the word “Sorry” inside. Antoine tells Souleymane that he’s not going to withdraw his complaint… because he doesn’t want someone from the company to steal his car.

solal It all starts here

Miriel’s car: Sol and Lionel start cleaning

Theo comes to see Vic about his leaked secret; She explains that she kept the box of secrets under the bed. She was stolen. Vic kept secrets to protect herself…if she needed to. Theo thinks that Vic only knows how to manipulate and lie, and tells her that he better leave her.

Sol and Lionel tell Olivia that they accidentally took hallucinogenic mushrooms. She lectures them because she had to put everything away at the commissary.

Vic Here it all starts

Vic searches everywhere, but the secret box is missing

Eliot visits Antoine to present his nomad restaurant plan in detail. He worked with Jochil on the design. Chef Taisier has proofread the menu from A to Z. Antoine was astonished to find that Eliot had put his heart into it. Elliot hesitates, but says he’s decided to join Greg in Japan. Antoine thinks he will ruin his professional future. He decided to side with Daisier.

Tom asks Clotilde for an explanation for Theo’s message: she doesn’t want to know. Clotilde says it’s fake. If he continues, she will kick him out of class.

Olivia, Claire and Louis talk together about Clotilde’s betrayal: Louis thinks Claire should take her place. Claire thinks she can’t do that because of the situation that reigns there.

enzo Here it all begins

Enzo, Ambre and Mehdi are very worried: their secrets are at risk

Ambre, Enzo and Mehdi come to see Vic: they learn that Vic didn’t throw away the box… but she wasn’t the one who broke Theo’s message. Vic is also worried because her secret is also getting out.

Enzo tells Vic that if we find out he’s not Enzo Lopez, the entire academy will go under.

Lionel and Solal give up and stop wanting to know anyway what they did the night they were under the influence of the hallu mushrooms.

Here it all starts early March 15, 2023 Episode 621: Solal and Lionel’s night Kelly doesn’t know

Elliot receives a call from Greg (in presence of Hortense and Mehdi). He tells Greg, is it so bad? Trouble with his father, Benoit DeLobel?

Antoine and the executive have a decision to make: Claire thinks Tessier should be relieved of his duties. Antoine thinks an interim director should be appointed. Claire is in great shape, but decides to turn down the offer because she doesn’t want to be in the middle of this power struggle. Lewis recommends him.

eliott Here it all begins

Looks like Greg has a problem in Tokyo. Elliot asks

Highlights All here Starting March 15, 2023: Things to remember

Antony etc

A meeting of the academic committee of the Auguste Armand Institute: Louis the future king? 😉

– Antoine thinks Elliot will ruin his future by going to Japan without a diploma.
– Elliot receives an important call from Greg
– Claire learns that Clotilde cheated on her with Daisier during the director election.
– Tessier is ousted, Lewis submits his candidacy as interim director
– Vig’s secret box is stolen
– Enzo says that if his secret gets out, the whole company is at risk
– Sol and Lionel find Antoine’s car in terror (but in bad shape).

will continue Summary Here it all starts from Thursday, March 16, 2023 With episode 622. Don’t miss the credits story begins here with all the characters.

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