Lost driver's license.  Can you drive while waiting for a duplicate?

Lost driver’s license It is a random situation and can happen to anyone who has this document in their wallet. No matter how you lost your driver’s license, it is worth reporting it. Losing a document is always a risk, and A driver’s license may be used by unauthorized persons And cause unpleasant financial consequences.

So, first of all, you must To reserve the documentBy reporting your lost driver’s license to the Bank of Restricted Documents, for example at your bank branch.

In turn, the next step is to submit an appropriate application to the office for issuance Duplicate driver’s license.

A copy of the driver’s license It’s just a second copy of the same document, in this case Driving licenses. Around duplicate Happens when:

  • The driver’s license is damaged and the document is illegible,
  • Your driver’s license has been lost or stolen,
  • We have acquired or lost the rights to certain categories identified in the Document;
  • The name, surname or address of the authorized person has been changed.

Obtain a copy of your driver’s license It is necessary to visit the communications department (poviat starosty or city office with poviat rights) and submit an appropriate application. The application form can be obtained from the office or downloaded from the unit’s website.

complete and signed The application for obtaining a duplicate driving license must be completed with the required attachments:

  • photo of driver’s license,
  • ID card for examination,
  • Confirmation of fees for issuing a duplicate driving license.

The speed of receipt of the document depends on the efficiency of the office and the waiting list until the license is issued.

It usually takes a while to get a replacement for a lost driver’s license Up to 30 days after placing the order. In exceptional cases, this time may be longer Up to two months from the date of application.

The cost of obtaining a new driver’s license is 100.50 PLN.

Until recently in Poland Driving without documents Confirm eligibility It was impossible. The reason why the driver did not currently have a driver’s license was also irrelevant. In the event of a roadside inspection, the officer can impose A fine of up to 250 PLN.

From December 5, 2020, drivers can drive without a driver’s license. This means that you do not need to provide a document confirming your eligibility during the roadside inspection.

However, it is worth taking with you verification cardTo be able to prove your identity if necessary.

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