March 20, 2023


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Look at the blue-green algae | Quebec Journal

While many boats and swimmers enjoy summer in the bodies of water, companies point out the importance of being aware of blue-green algae because they can be fine on the surface, and accessing it is not without risk.

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“It can [causer] Nausea, vomiting, headache, skin irritation. It is recommended not to approach it within three meters, ”explained Anne Malamouth, director general of the Lock-Saint-Jean water body.

The organization has so far published three reports on Alma, Mashtiadsh and Sambord.

“The important thing is to take pictures. Then, if they have a container or jar, they have to put on gloves and sample the water, ”he said.Me மலமூத்.

The city of Sakune also wants to conserve water bodies. It is for this reason that the boat cleaning station was set up at the landing stage in the Berlin field. Boats are invited to wash them before starting on Lake Konokami.

We know that Quebec has water bodies that are prone to invasive species. What we don’t like is transferring them from one body to another, so we come to clean the surface of the boat to remove bacteria, algae or zebra mussels on the boat’s feet. The machine ”, explained Jimmy Bachard, Councilor of District 1 for the city of Sagune.

You should take advantage of this as this action becomes mandatory before landing on Konokami Lake.

The department consultant says that other cleanup stations of this type should appear at various embarkation points around Lake Kenogami, and that in a few years, boats will have to clean their boats beforehand.

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Jimmy Bouchard said Lake Konokami is under surveillance for blue-green algae.

Some areas, such as Lock to Camp in the Lauro area, need more attention, but reports in general do not bother. It should be kept in good condition because this water point is almost 80% of Saguna’s drinking reserves.

The presence of blue-green algae can be reported on the Ministry of Environment website or to local organizations.

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