Long live the queen who drives me out of here!

Sunday evening, I put on my beige explorer shorts, my campers bag, my red sweater, and my hiking boots and went for a hike. I didn’t go into the jungle to encounter tarantulas. I’m going to Montérégie!

Destination: Rosalie Vaillancourt’s Garage!

Fortunately, this time, she recognized me!

The Craziest Adventure

With Rosalie, Claudine, Dave, Alex and others, we watched the last episode Get me out of here!. I was able to tell them how proud I was of them and all that they had accomplished in Panama.

I have already written Newspaper In which to participate Get me out of here! “The most beautiful and difficult professional experience of my life”. But I have to tell you that it was one of the most beautiful human experiences I’ve ever had.

Yes, after watching the entire season, I’m pretty sure all of my camp friends have changed profoundly during their stay in Panama.

I can still hear Patricia Paquin’s cries of agony in my ears over the enormous snakes (some of which were entangled in her dress), and I can’t look at a pendulum in a shop without thinking of my beautiful queen. Forest, Claude Desrochers.

It was written in the sky (or a tarot card) that Claudine was going to win the title of Queen of the Jungle: I doubted it once she won the camp leader election. And that was before knowing all the perks that came with it! Claudine deserves everything that happens to her.

After the evacuation, every Sunday, I followed the adventures of the other campers. I freaked out in my living room when I saw Audrey confront the toads (we all know how much that scared her); I loved Alex’s Zen reaction to Rosalie’s delicious sabotage; I got the shock of my life watching the video of Dave interacting with his family (he talked to us all the time!).

Now it’s official that there will be a third season Get me out of here!I have two tips for 2024 campers.

reference noh 1: Once camping, make sure you sleep before you leave as the nights will be short! We were treated to Dave Morissette snoring like an 18-wheeler, Philippe Laprise and Rosalie Vaillancourt making jokes like they were resting in a brothel at 4am, and monkeys partying in bikinis. Beach Club.

reference noh 2: Enjoy! Make the most of every second, every challenge and every awkward thing at camp! very fast!

Take me back there

I’m going to let you in on a secret: Sometimes when I’m in my comfy bed, air-conditioned, after a delicious and well-watered meal… I miss my uncomfortable camp bed, nights under the stars, and meals. Rice and beans. What happens in Panama stays in Panama. But we all have the feeling that we experienced unforgettable, intense and wonderful things that made us better people.

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