Long Covid.  Scientists have reported three types of virus.  Each one requires a different treatment

Researchers at King’s College London (KCL) report that ‘long-term COVID’ comes in three types, each of which requires a different treatment. It is characterized by long-term complications lasting from four weeks to several months.

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COVID-19. The three virus strains require different treatments

In order to effectively help patients with different variants, it is necessary to understand how each of them works.

– The data collected clearly shows that the disease syndrome after COVID-19 […] It comes in several subtypes. Understanding the root causes of its formation can help us find a treatment strategy, said Dr. Claire Stevens, lead author of the clinical trials at KCL. Quoted from Sky News.

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“Long Covid”. What distinguishes the three virus strains?

The first type is long COVID-19 It is primarily associated with neurological symptoms such as fatigue, the fog Brain pain and headache. This complication usually affects those who became infected when alpha and delta variants were more common.

another group illness Has breathing problems, chest pain and shortness of breath – this may indicate lung damage. Symptoms relate to people who initially contracted the disease pandemic.

The third – and final – group of complications can include symptoms such as heart palpitations, muscle aches and skin changes.

Scientists studied 1,459 people with health problems at least 12 weeks after they contracted the coronavirus.

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