London: Three “Journeys to Nowhere” in one day.  Strange roads on the map

Two of the three canceled itineraries are long-haul flights Boeing 777. The third is a trip to the Mediterranean islands using Airbus.

The problems started with Flight BA263 From London to Riyadh, The capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Flightradar24, the plane took off from Heathrow with a slight delay at 14:47 local time. At 16:25, the plane flew over the Croatian coast, turned around and returned to its starting pointWhere it landed at 18:32.

It is believed that the reason was A problem with the collision avoidance system in taxisWhich means the plane did not meet Saudi airspace requirements.

The passengers were accommodated overnight in hotels in Heathrow. The replacement flight took off before 11:00 on Sunday, which means 21 hour delay compared to decomposition.

The second failure concerned Flight BA586 from Heathrow Airport to Heathrow Airport Bastia in French Corsica. Airbus A320 was held two-thirds of your tripIt passed through central Switzerland, when it turned and landed three hours later than where it started.

The trip finally took place the next day, arriving from More than 20 hours late.

London: Canceled flight to Boston

The third flight was BA203, from London to Boston. Its passengers made the shortest “journey to nowhere”. The Boeing 777 took off at 17:17. The plane was in the air for only 16 minutes.

The flight to the Massachusetts state capital was canceled rather than rescheduled. Passengers had to change their reservations to other flights.

We are very sorry for the delay in our customers’ flights. A BA spokesperson said: “We would never fly if it wasn’t safe.”

The Independent newspaper appreciates that At least 700 passengers were affected Departure and many arrivals. If everyone successfully applies for compensation for the delay, the costs will be around 650,000. pounds or pounds by weightnot counting the hundreds of thousands of pounds already spent on hotel accommodation, meals and jet fuel.

The Philharmonic arrived at the hospital. Zumovsky: Music helps with everything/Polsat News/Polsat News

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