Listkiewicz went through the French.  “It’s a shame. Jerky and amateurish.” M¦

– It was more powerful than technology. He made decisions that were accurate and incredibly good – This is how Szymon Marciniak’s performance in the World Cup Final was assessed by former FIFA President of the Referee and Outstanding Referee Pierluigi Collina.. – That’s in my eyes Final Three great champions: this MessiMbappe and Marsignac – Marcus Merck added, a former senior German judge. There were many similar statements. Only in France they differ.

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Already in progress match Former “Tricolor” representative Patrice Evra said on Twitter that he was “not afraid of Argentina, only the referee”. However, the whole thing was beaten by the French “L’Equipe”, which gave Marciniak a note – note – 2/10 after the match. Moreover, it was not justified in any way.

– Evaluating “L’Equipe”, because I was able to look through the press in the morning out of curiosity, we can put the drawer with the jokes – Tomasz Listkiewicz, Marciniak’s assistant, commented on TVN 24. His father, Michał, who in 1990 was also a line judge, also spoke during World Cup final, for that matter.

Listkiewicz criticizes

– It’s a shame to be respected Newspaper He writes such nonsense and does not base his opinions on grammar. difficult in Absolutely about these foolish pranks. Two to Marciniak due to their team’s defeat only. If the French score two more penalties, Marsignac will be their national hero. For me, it’s embarrassing and a complete amateur. This is not how journalists should behave – Listkiewicz told

The journalists of the French newspaper found a mistake, which, in their opinion, served as the basis for the cancellation of the Argentine goal at 3: 2. Two Argentine substitutes, just before Messi’s goal, slightly crossed the touchline and were on the field.

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– this foolish case, which has nothing to do with serious journalism and is due only to the fact that the French cannot accept their defeat. If the journalists had made even a modicum of effort, they would have quickly come up with an explanation that directly indicates that the presence of a second ball or an extra player or coach on the field is no longer grounds for stopping play, much less disallowing a goal when such an event would have no effect on the course of the game. the match. This interpretation has been valid in all competitions for two or three years – added Listkiewicz, former president of the Polish Football Association and international arbitrator.

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